Wednesday, September 20, 2006

noteworthy bits

here are just a couple of random things:

1)a man on the street-- a completely heterosexual man-- was spotted wearing a black shirt emblazoned with the following statement:
"if you got it, flaunt it!

for some reason, i found this notable. i do not know what the reason is...

2) a woman was overheard in conversation saying the following without a hint of irony:
"hell to the no!!!"

maybe she really wants to support whitney during this difficult time by trying to get her most popular phrase back into circulation...this is understandable...but seriously, say it jokingly. otherwise, it's just sad.

2a) someone else that might be saying "hell to the no" a lot more frequently these days? Courtney Love. apparently, captain drugs-a-lot herself has taken on the dubious task of helping whitney kick her habit of getting wasted. no word on whether the two of them will help each other be less trashy. the best part of it all? courtney sprung into action when she saw the tabloid pictures of whitney's crack den. if courtney love is looking at pictures of your home and saying "oh hell no", then you really know you've hit a new low. i can't wait for these two to rerecord that hit song from the prince of egypt, "when you believe", with love taking over the mariah carey part.

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