Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dream Interpretation Time!

last night, i had a dream that i was with a coolface mom and a coolface brother and for some reason we had all taken something to induce vomiting (i really don't know. and this is all very strange because i am not ok with vom) and the cf mom and the cf bro were successful in their attempts but i couldn't do it due to my intense dislike of the sport. finally they were goading me on all "c'mon, it's not as bad as you're picturing it. just relax" kind of creepy-like...and then i was successful and we were able to move on to whatever activity that required us to induce vomiting. but, i never got to find out what that was because as i was spitting at the end of the act, i wake myself up in the middle of ACTUALLY SPITTING ON MYSELF. gross. anyway, one member of the fellowship of the coolfacelets suggested i had this dream because i was feeling nauseous in my sleep so it translated to dreamworld. anyone else have a suggestion?

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