Monday, September 04, 2006

Summer Reality Corner

Sorry this is a little late...but c'mon, was anyone really affected by my tardiness?

Hallelujah, Ryan's gone! Thank god. I mean, points for most improved, but Suzy was most improved last year and she paled in comparison to the rest of the contestants...and if you knew suzy, you'd know i just kind of dissed ryan. and if dilana or storm were booted over ryan, i would've been mighty pissed. my dream top three are dilana, storm, and toby - i'd be fine if magni snuck in there...but i really need lukas to go next.

Hallelujah again - crazy angela is out. listen, i was warming up to her and i definitely sided with her during any altercations with jeffrey (i hate jeffrey)...but she was fleur-loopy. it kind of sucked how she got flown all the way to paris just to be told "peace. don't let the door hit you where the rosettes split you" and put right back on that plane, but better her than anyone remaining....except vincent. and jeff of course. he's an asshole of the largest variety- but unfortuantely is immune next week (i think?) so here's hoping vince goes this week. (though that news item of a few months ago keeps coming to mind...)

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