Sunday, November 23, 2008

an unwanted chicken burrito

here is the tale of how i ended up with a burrito different from the one i asked for...i will write out the conversation as it happened, and in parentheses i will write out how we misheard each other:

Me: can i have a vegetarian burrito? (Can i have an original burrito?)
Burrito Man: What kind of meat? (What kind of beans?)
Me: Pinto. (Pollo.)
BM: Okay, everything on it? (Ok, everything on it?)
Me: Yes, please. (Yes, please.)

the best part of this is that i saw him reach into the chicken and there was plenty of time for me to stop him and correct the order...but you know me, i like to ruffle as few feathers as possible. it's not that the chicken burrito is bad, it's pretty tasty...but i wanted the guacamole and the sour cream. argh! actually, the reason i didn't say anything is because i thought the burrito would come with that stuff anyway, but its only included on the vegetarian burrito. damn my luck.

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Brenna said...

Ha Ha! You went to the Taqueria on court and bergen, huh? I get the vegetarian for the same reasons.