Saturday, November 08, 2008

FRC: ANTM - "go and sees"

Previously: Boats and whores, plus sheena went home. we've got four weirdos and a sam left.

samantha celebrates making top five and suprise! Marjorie's nervous. she throws a hissy fit asking how the girls can be so comfortable after panel and i'm all ...because it's not before panel? and they all have a couple more days? i mean, right? how can they stand her?

go sees! hee hee all these dutch people speaking english makes me giggle. the girls have five designers to try and see in four hours. they each get cute lil boats. these girls all get lost and keep trying to ask for help in english. but those emotionless europeans aren't helping a lick. oh diss! one of the designers says elina isn't a model, but rather just playing one. four of the girls have all made two designers and marjorie's been lost the whole time. so after wasting one hour and fifteen minutes walking in circles, she gives up and moves on to the next designer. elina gets dissed by a second designer for having too many tattoos. elina says tattoos are the only way she can keep getting angelina jolie comparisons. oh wait, no she said they are the only way she knows how to express herself. does she have a shrink? because i know? all but mckey make it back in time. she is dq'd, which sucks because she made it to four of five designers and booked all four, and therefore would've won the challenge. samantha was too comemercial, elina is too tattooed, marjorie is crazy, and therefore analeigh default wins. i'm glad they called marjorie out on her too heavy reliance on the hunchback. analeigh gets an outfit from each of the designers as a prize.

does mckey have an accent? or is she just trying to be european? analeigh has to pep talk marjorie with sweet words and lesbian baths.

...i think i should've included samantha in the weirdo count...

ugh..tyra makes an entrance with a poorly acted skit and a "HEELLLLLL NOO!!" tyra will photograph the girls glammy and cleany. marjorie freaks out. shut up! we get it.

and now, a choice tyra line from each shoot--
Sam: "Give me boy. Give me Oliver Twist."
Marjorie: "Ready? Un deux trois." **ps, marjorie has one pose. gah! pps, tyra demanded that marjorie cut her hair, because it felt like fur.
Analeigh: "Analeigh, I don't think she's a washed faced girl."
Elina: "Exaggerate it, just really work it but make the face pretty."
McKey: "Work that eye."

elina reads tyrapost and at the end, they adorable all go "love, tyra" in high voices.

i think tyra's dress has a (penis) on it! guess what?! this week's shoot was inspired by a shoot tyra did once. can you believe it?

samantha does really well. analeigh is better with heavy makeup. marjorie is a ball of nerves. mckey also excels. elina is the oldest 18 year old ever.

samantha is called first. mckey follows, and then analeigh. this leaves marjorie and elina. i think it's pretty obvious what both their flaws are. alas, this is elina's third trip to the bottom and only marjorie's first, so elina is sent packing.

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