Sunday, November 16, 2008

FRC: Top Model - it was time for her to go

Previously: Elina control-freaked her way right out of the competition.

marjorie is all wah-wah. sam is all 'hooray!! today top four, tomorrow the world!' ugh, doesn't analeigh ever tire of coddling marjorie? i'm fucking tired of watching her.

paulina teaches the girls to wordlessly sell stuff. they take turns smelling fish. all of them, not just analeigh and marjorie.

this is paulina's episode! sweet! the girls meet her again to audition for a 30 second commercial. every time paulina is on screen , they give her a chyron with her name on it and the title "legendary supermodel". i don't know why i find this so funny. the girls must wordlessly portray a variety of emotions with costar (hotchacha) mark vanderloo. they finally figured out the best model commercials are the ones with no talking. so they start running on a treadmill, casting flirty glances and such, and then have to awkwardly exit the treadmill and plant a kiss on the guy. winner gets a $10,000 shopping spree.

after analeigh's kiss with mark, she says that his lips were quite soft and voluptuous, like marjorie's. i may have added part of that. marjorie runs like she's playing hopscotch on a miniature board. but it works for the judges and marjorie wins. she opts to evenly share her prize with analeigh. they're gonna share a closet soon anyway.

the hottie boat drivers from the go-sees are invited over. marjorie demands they bring wine. we finally discover how marjorie has gotten through life up to this point. turns out marjorie will be the only lady drinking this evening. she gets wasted with the boys and makes out with one of them (on a dare). analeigh totally forreal averted her eyes (her jealous, jealous eyes). marjorie gets in the tub (fully clothed) with one of the guys (wearing his skivvies). analeigh gets blind with jealousy overprotective and makes sure this is what marjorie wants to do. marjorie's answer? "i don't know." another hot dude is like "this is not your problem, american" and she's like "it IS (because marjorie only bathes with ME)."

ugh, marjorie seals the deal for me with this line, said in an after the fact interview: "Even though i was the only girl drinking, it meant everyone else could take care of me. HA!" oh nuh uh.

photoshoot: windmills (real ones, not aswirl twins), extreme hair and makeup. mckey is such a beautiful weirdo. hey, you ever notice in jay's OTF interviews how his eyes are always brighter than the rest of his face? do you think special light on his eyes or makeup?

mckey does well, marjorie looks lost, sam has a cool picture and analeigh is floating and wins the week. shut up shoket. ps, ann shoket is the guest judge.

analeigh is called first, followed by mckey. this leaves sam and marjorie. marjorie can't find a happy nervous drunk medium. samantha doesn't get the whole in-person model thing. and samantha is headed to the finals. but this will be down to analeigh and mckey, right? bye marjorie! smell you later, oui? btw, analeigh DIES about it.

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