Saturday, November 15, 2008

FRC: it pains me to say this

but i think i have to give up on my pick up artist recaps for this season. i know not a lot of you watch this show, but it did kind of pick up my spirits to see the non-regular readers those recaps brought in (as well as the anonymous commenting). i'm super behind on all my tv watching, and since i write out all my recaps before typing them up (no laptop), they take me a little longer to do. also, when tomorrow's episode airs, i will be about three episodes behind. the world has passed me by and it's too late for me to catch up. so reality corner is just going to be top model, until my day off average is better than one for every ten. i'm sure this hurts me more than it hurts you.


Anonymous said...

:( i'm disappointed that you won't be able to post more recaps of the Pick-up Artist. I love watching this show and even though i read other recaps of it online, you provide the only female perspective(to my knowledge) of it.

Sara said...

don't you worry, my anonymous friend, becca and i are cooking up a solution to this problem.

ricky said...

i am pained, too, for even though i never watched the show, in some small way i kind of did, and isn't that what really matters???