Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Yep, that's a pretty fair trade

Sorry for the pop culture-heavy posts today...but at least it's something, right? I just wanted to share with the world (or, you know, the 15 of you) a hilarious tidbit I just read about. Apparently, FOX is shopping around for a replacement for Paula Abdul as the female judge on American Idol. My first thought was that, yes, indeed she can be pretty annoying and pretty wishy washy about her opinions and pretty soft on the contestants and can NOT hide her attraction to the underage boys, but she's probably getting the boot because bitch is never sober. (even though she claims to have never been drunk in her life...i'd look for the source here, but really, i'm just trying to get out of work, so look it up if you want) So then I was all, well, I'm sure they'll find someone who can handle themselves in public better than Paula, somebody who is rarely ever fucked up that they can trust to represent them well, and someone whose opinion is valued in the singing community because this show is gargantuan now and it's integrity has been questioned a lot recently. And then I saw that the person they are eyeing as a replacement is none other than Courtney Fucking Love. Seriously? Because you're just gonna have the same problems...but also maybe some STD's too or something.


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