Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Bathroom Stall Conundrum

The bathroom on my floor at work has 6 stalls in it. I never go into the first stall just as a general rule. usually, i skip past the second stall also and go to the third, but on this particular floor, the 3rd stall has a door that gets stuck and in order to get out, you have to reach your hand over the top of the door and give a mighty pull. now, stalls 4 through 6 are widely known as the poop stalls, Poopers try to go as far into the bathroom as possible hoping to hide out. While the 4th stall really can go either way, it's mostly avoided if one only has to go Number One because no one wants to be mistaken as a pooper. Finally, if there is someone already using the bathroom, you generally don't want to take the stall right next to them if all other stalls are available. that's just kind of maybe you could hold hands with each other while you're peeing. i was just wondering, does anyone else put this much thought into peeing at work?


becca said...

uh oh...i think i've been peeing in the poop stall!

Fred Astaire said...

I do! I do!