Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Subway Spotlight: ElectroElliot

Once again, we've decided to broaden our horizons when it comes to the Subway Spotlight in order to hopefully be able to more frequently bestow this honor upon the deserving. First it was subway performers, then we expanded that to include homeless people, and today, we further broaden our pool of potential honorees in order to include conductors. For today, swear to god, my train conductor had an electrolarynx. and it frightened me a little bit. i mean, imagine these words:

"this is a brooklyn bound F train, the next stop is jay street-borough hall. ladies and gentlemen, stand clear of the closing doors."

in this voice:

these are the moments when i wish i had a posse. when i realized this was going on, i frantically looked around so i could eye-contact acknowledge this with someone. ANYONE. but to no avail. it was kind of like the time i passed a gang of 5 midgets and had no one to witness this sighting and my excitement. i may as well have passed a jaculus.


Christian Children Against Sexual Connotation said...

Leave your jaculus out of this.

Becca said...

when the hell did yo pass a gang of midgets and why wasn't i informed?!

Sara said...

oh man becca. it was amazing. and it was like a block away from your old morgan stanley building

Becca said...

wahhh! i knew i should have never taken the job downtown!!!