Monday, January 08, 2007

tacos rule!

i just wanted to take a minute and get a little personal here with everyone...i love tacos. yes, i'm mexican and yes it's cliche, but i can't get enough of these little mexiburgers. once, it was even the answer to the following question: what food would you take your top off for? I told some random boy that i would take my top off for TACOS dammit when i can MAKE them any time i want!!!! following is an example of how other people view my love for tacos--

ME: They have tacos for lunch today! Awesome! Oh, look they have this all week!
FRIEND: Tacos?
ME: No, "A Taste of Mexico". The food of my people! Oh man, it's gonna be packed down there today.
FRIEND: Why? Because there's tacos?
ME: ... no. because it's raining.

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becca said...

damn it! now i want tacos for dinner!