Monday, November 13, 2006

Team Jazzies!

Pretend you are in a jazzercise class. And now, pretend that every year in this jazzercise class, there is a contest wherein you must choose a partner from the class and the two of you must compete as a team to win various prizes. Now, picture the loner lady named Kina in your jazz class approaching you and asking you to be your partner. And finally, imagine the following conversation happening between the two of you (one coolface mom doesn't have to imagine...) (ps, THREE people approached this coolface mom to be on their team. looks like we know who the popular one in the class is)

KINA: You want to be my partner?
COOLFACEMOM: Sure! Ok, we have to think of a team name. What do you think it should be?
KINA: How about Bubbles?
COOLFACEMOM: ... Umm. Did you say Baubles?
KINA: No. Bubbles!!! Like-- (makes bubble-blowing motion)
COOLFACEMOM: Oh. ... okay. Umm. Do you maybe want to be The Bubbles?
KINA: No. Bubbles!!!
COOLFACEMOM: Ok, so you want us to be "Bubbles"?
KINA: Yeah!
COOLFACEMOM: ...Alright. I'll sign us up.
(Coolfacemom signs the team up as "The Bubbles")


ricky said...

What's the team name now, Kina? Orange Car? Laser Beam?

becca said...

what about lobotomy?

Kina said...

Oh my sweet LORD. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This was maybe my favorite post ever!!!

ricky said...

Hey Kina, why don't you put down the Maui Wowee and come up with a real team name?