Monday, November 27, 2006

Fall Reality Corner: Late Edition

Sorry! Still having computer difficulties.

We're still in Spain and we've got four round-eyed ghosts (2 of the same ones!) left and the gorgeous but dead-eyed Eugena. This is the episode where the girls are given maps in another language and X amount of time for as many go-sees as possible. inevitably, a girl or two is late and gets disqualified. This time it was the twins. Wuh-oh. Place your bets now. Oh - ps- did CariDee make out with that hot Spanish dude on national tv even though she has a boyfriend? rock on sister. at some other point Tyra blah blahs about...i don't great she is most likely. and then she asks them what's been said to them in panel that hurts them...but then gets all defensive when michelle says something that Tyra herself said. and then she talks about sacrificing herself for the models. VOM! she also said something about the jungle.
So, Melrose won the challenge again and i LOVE seeing the reactions of the people she chooses to share the wealth with because--you know--they all hate her. the photo shoot is with a bull - Jay comes out in a matador outfit and -- No. No no no. Nigel is their photographer. Sexy Nigel. There's some bullshit (haha! Pun not originally intended but totally celebrated when noticed) about CariDee making some bad joke (that I actually thought was hilarious) to scare us into thinking she's in danger again. i think Eugena did the best this week. michelle also did a great job. melrose looked old, CariDee looked like she was thinking of hot Spanish Victor, and least she wants it.
It came down to the twins at panel (SHOCKER!! who would have ever foreseen THIS as a possibility!!???!?) They choose to boot Michelle because according to Tyra, passion outweighs talent in this competition. whatever. until next week when amanda gets booted because she's the least talented left and there aren't anymore clones to sacrifice prior.

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