Monday, November 27, 2006


who would have thunk it? really? not us. it's not like we predicted this and prepared by offering up three potential name-change-hassle-free suitors. NOBODY would have ever guess that Pamela Anderson-Rock and Kid Rock's marriage (which they proved to the world would last by having four ceremonies) would end. Even worse, WHO could have POSSIBLY seen the divorce coming less than half a year after the weddings. Not us. and certainly not anyone out there. we are so caught surprised at this news that we just don't know how to deal with it. But, although our world is turned upside-down right now, we are of sound enough mind to make sure that we once again STATE TO THE WORLD AND TO PAMELA ANDERSON THE FOLLOWING:

Mr. A. Rock is NOT available as a rebound fellow. He is a happily married rock and we here at Coolface have gotten him into enough trouble with his dear wife Bed. They've recently resolved their issues and we think it best to just leave them alone.

I think Borat is interested though.

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