Sunday, November 12, 2006

FRC: ACTION!!! edition

Party at my house, Anchal is OUT!!!!!

In the beginning of this week's episode, the girls got schooled by gabrielle reece (who knew she was still around) on how to prettily fall in the sand whilst diving at a ball with hands clasped together. sounds painful. and anchal was all "bikini? no i'm fat. why me? everyone else is skinny! i can stretch, why can't i have a flat stomach? pass the oleo! i WILL have fries on my pizza! what's exercise? bikini? oh, thanks, i just ate, but i will have another meal with you! i'm 'shy'. can i have a towel? beach-sized please." and she kind of threw a fit about doing the challenge and removing her towel and therefore got on my nerves EVEN MORE and i was all, if someone gets booted over anchal this episode, well...i don't know what i'll do but i'll be as angry as a DEMON KITTY. i'm not sure what happened towards the end of the challenge because i was blinded by the milky white twins.

so then we go to the real challenge where the girls have to pose with some race car driver (and unfortunately NOT the race car driver that is also a coolface brother) and at the same time be jumping all crazy-like and looking all hot. and james st. james is there and i wish it were seth green as james st. james and not the actual james st. james because he scares me when i look at him. and usually whenever i see him all i can picture is him with clown makeup and between him and atoosa (or should i say atoosaw) and tyra's weave, this show is becoming more and more of a frightfest. aaaaanyway, they all do some jumping and turning and michelle gets all creative (or maybe it was amanda) and hops on the car in order to jump on the race car driver and pierces the hood of the car with her stiletto. at this point in the viewing, the friends that i was with that work in production said "ooh, i bet the production manager on that shoot is shitting her pants right now!!" anchal is by far the worst and again i think 'they better not be tricking me into thinking anchal is going home and then pull a switcheroo'...and then i long for the days that i could just watch tv and not think about all the behind the scenes crap like production managers and editors. but i digress... i was going to give anchal a tiny bit of credit because it seemed like her skirt didn't have as much give as some of the other girls, but then i was like 'oh, maybe that's her own fault for being a fatty.' also, she was terrible. as she has been this whole season. michelle wins the challenge and chooses three people to share in a shopping spree. anchal is all "why didn't she pick me" and i'm all "why didn't you fucking try and win the challenge yourself, lardy?"

the photo shoot---oh sorry the CoverGirl TruBlend Photo Shoot--has the girls dressed up like that one scene in willy wonka and the chocolate factory where mike teevee gets teleported across the room, or like my friend tj at his old job of building microchips, and they are put in a skydiving training tank where they have to try and look pretty whilst pretending to reach for makeup and ignore the fact that their face skin is flapping in the breeze. the fan knocks amanda and michelle around like they're pieces of dust. i cross my fingers and hope to see anchal lying against the bottom of the tank and saying "ok, you can turn it on" and everyone else in the room responding "IT IS ON!!!'

I'd just like to take this minute to say that CariDee is awesome and i'm proud of my early decision to choose her to replace Megan as my favorite. she always delivers and she seems like she'd be fun to hang around with. she also is not afraid to fart in the middle of someone's tyra impression. at panel, it's down to anchal and michelle. but really, it was just to put a scare into michelle because everyone's tired of anchal and they've already kicked out her posse of megg and aj. so anchal is out and i literally stood up and clapped when it happened. next weeks the girls get all international. is it already that time?

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