Wednesday, November 29, 2006

aren't day jobs grand?

a certain coolface employee has the distinction of working in the glamorous world of facilities management. In this glamorous world one orders such things as shop vacs, sticky mats, keys and on really good days urinal and toilet partitions. yesterday, we had the honor of ordering said urinal partitions and we would just like to share 2 pictures with you from the public bathroom fixture catalogue. i appologize for the poor quality; they were scanned on a fax machine.

this is balerinas dancing in a public bathroom. perhaps they are contemporary dancers and this is some sort of post modern art. perhaps the people who put this catalogue together had a little too much free time on their hands. i am not quite sure what they are trying to advertise here, but i'm pretty sure it's the paper towel dispenser.

this is a bride and a flower girl posing in a public bathroom, and the flower girl is freaking throwing petals in the air! can you guess what this picture is advertising? yes my are right! this picture is showcasing a tampon/sanitary napkin dispenser.

this was your fun filled introduction into the wild world of facilities management!!!


nat said...

Why didn't I get one of those when I was a bride

I want my money back

Sara said...

wow. just. wow.

Merchonch Q. Brandt said...

I think tomorrow I'm going to go out and buy a wedding dress and then just lounge in a bathroom in it for hours on end; public bathroom, my bathroom, friend's bathroom -- doesn't really matter, any bathroom will do.