Friday, July 28, 2006

Special Two Part Subway Spotlight

Okay, so this first guy is a little bit of a rule stretch. First off, he's more homeless man than subway performer. Secondly, he doesn't so much hang out on a subway, but more like a block or so from one. but, he is truly spectacular in his subtlety and therefore he qualifies for recognition. Jingles is a man with one leg and one stump who sits in his wheelie chair on 43rd and Broadway shaking a change cup while saying "help me". here is an exclusive transcript of his presentation:
*shake*shake*shake*shake*shake*shake*shake* Help me.
*shake*shake*shake*shake*shake*shake*shake* Help me.
and so on...

I discovered this amazing talent whilst riding on the R train. A man, who seems to be alone and is definitely not homeless starts up his speech a couple feet away from me. it hits the normal points "spare some change" "help us out" blah blah blah...and i'm looking around him wondering who "us" is. There are a few people surrounding him....3 bored looking men who seem like they couldn't care less about helping him out and some college kids who were definitely not with him. then, all of a sudden, this leader says "let's go!" and he starts a-singin' and the 3 bored looking men perk up and join him in perfect harmony. When they sang to me that I had stars in my eyes like dimples in the skies, I promptly emptied my pockets right into their Burger King bag. I might just jump on the R in my spare time to see if i can catch another show. i suggest everyone else do the same.


Ricky said...

Um, camera phone? Pictures? Can you make this a multi-media experience. The R-bershop Quartet sounds too good to be true!!

richard said...


this one time I was on the subway, and this guy walks over to my friend and asks "What time is it?"

and right as she said "Quarter past 3" 5 guys perk up from ALL AROUND US and say


and then break out in to shoobedoowops and amazing harmony's.

I would take out a second college loan for those singers if I could.

sara said...

oh richard, i am more jealous than words can describe