Thursday, July 27, 2006

Coolface Summer Reality Kickoff Corner

Here's who we think needs to go in the next round of kick offs:

We really hate Keith, but seeing as he might go next week anyway , we think it should come down to the battle of the crazies: Angela & Vincent.
ps why hasn't michael won a challenge yet? he is clearly awesome.

Josh. Though its really anyone's guess as to why Zayra is still there...seeing as the band has basically made it clear to her that the only way they want her is in Tommy Lee's bed.

Tatum O'Neal.

Okay, not really a reality show with kick offs, per se...but Coolface really hates Tatum O'Neal and doesn't think she should have work. Coolface is not mean spirited, but has experience with the poppy-tatted witch and can confidently and with good reason say she is a terrible person and an even worse actor.

Let us know who you think should go and any other summer shows you are watching in the comments section.


Ricky said...

I don't know about those last two shows, but lemme tell ya about PR:
1)Vince is clearly so batshit crazy that he must remain.
2)Angela must be destroyed before we are all dressed in poofy, satin pantaloons with wacky hats.
3)Michael is clearly awesome and very underrated.
Keith will be the next one out though.

Coolface said...

We forgot Hell's Kitchen. We HATE Virginia, but Sara is clearly the next one on the chopping block.

sara said...

this makes me nervous, as my name is sara and my mom's name is virginia. are you guys trying to tell me something?

Coolface said...


Ricky said...

I think they are. I've heard they're bitchy like that.

Anonymous said...
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