Thursday, January 29, 2009

WRC: RoLB - sorry! due to some circumstances, even though i was down to five shows on my dvr, i'm back up to 30 and behind again. instead of giving up on my beloved rock of love bus, though, i'm just giving a brief 'top o' the noodle' the recap of the episode from two weeks ago, and will hopefully have this week's recap to you by sunday. yes no?

blah blah, sluts, boobs, suitcases. bret meets the girls at an ice rink. they must protect baby bret by shooting him into goals worth various points. lacey is back yet again (guess she has some time off from being 'a musician') to lead some school's hockey club against the girls. melissa pops her implant. i'm dead serious. one team with four girls wins, they go to a strip club. beverly is a total beverly about it and, surprise! turns out she has three kids. yikes. the girls are kind of upset about their prize date being at a strip club with zero alone time, but mostly they're excited to be dancing on a real stripper pole. except beverly.

at the hotel everyone's drunk and crazy. brittaney is actually crazy and it turns out she took the girls' sweaty hockey socks and stashed them in her bunk. melissa calls her boyfriend in the middle of the night (idiot) to complain about how she has no connection with bret and how he has extensions and he looks really old. the girls rat on her so at elimination after she tells bret she's not feeling it, he tells her to get the fuck out. then he calls various girls until beverly and brittaney are left. brittaney proves to be too crazy, so she's given the boot. and then she just stands there like a creep, smiling, after everyone is long gone.

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