Thursday, January 08, 2009

Casting Bag: Fires of Rome "Set in Stone"

This casting notice caught my eye because of my ethnic ambiguity/miscellaneous princessness. but then i continued reading and figured it would be better suited for the casting bag:

Non-Union Actress: Female, ethnically ambiguous, 18-30 for a stylized slow motion music video. You will be dancing in headdress with Afghan hounds in front of small, low velocity wind machine. Must dance and move well.


a*dizzle said...

Um, is this not the role I was BORN TO PLAY? Those tap and go-go classes aren't for nuthin' dood.

the person you will see this saturday because you are going to hang out with her and save her from boredom! said...

miscellaneous princess must be sleek like jungle cat (feline of unclear genus, possessing of stealthy maneuverability; of vague sleekness and slightly menacing- cryptically patterned)... That casting call was very p.c.

Now I must type in "tometa," I wonder if it will work if I prefer to say "tomat-o?"