Thursday, January 29, 2009

<3 moms

i was on my landline phone with me mom yesterday when i heard a wacky noise (it's hard to a mix of mechanical and reception, whatever that means to you), i then verified if it was only on my side of things, made a joke, and then pulled the phone away from my ear to see if my phone was still connected. when i did this, i accidentally hung the phone up. this is what my mom heard:

Sara: What's that noise? Do you hear that noise? I think aliens are abducting me! *click*

when i called her back, my mom was still laughing. (to be honest, i still chuckle thinking about it.) whence we were done laughing about it, it hit me that i could have actually been abducted by aliens-- all evidence pointed to it -- and my mom's response was to laugh!! between this and the zombie fakeout from last week, i don't know if the world is prepared for when the ACTUAL ZOMBIES AND ALIENS COME. come on, let's get serious about this...because it will happen.

on another mother related note, during the same phone conversation, my mom was telling me of some sort of upcoming teacher institute something or other day that the staff from the elementary schools through high schools have to go to. she was talking about the inconvenience of having to drive across the island to get there very early in the morning, and was considering taking a bus that her neighboring middle school had arranged for (she works at an elementary school). when she was weighing the pros and cons, this came out of her:

"Do I really want to ride with the middle school teachers? You know how crazy middle school teachers can be." (Mom, 2009)


Kristen said...

Yesss! This story was just as good the 2nd time around AND completely sober. Now thats saying something!
Oh, and in case you feel like becoming addicted to another blog.....

holitl said...

I came back to read it again because of what Kristen said. I agree. I was chuckling by the <3. The verification word is holitl, like little ho.