Thursday, May 11, 2006

please forgive us, we know not what we do...

Coolface apologizes to our avid reader(s) for the recent extreme busyness/neglect of the blog. we realize how important it is to the Fellowship to get a daily (or at least more than once weekly) fix of coolface, and will try to do better in the future. hopefully, this will keep you going - and make up for lost time - until we are able to fully return our attention to posting.

-if you see a giant mascara handing out little mascaras, you take what it offers. the giant mascara may not seem threatening, but picture it this way: would you want to say no to a giant tiger handing out little tigers? no. for fear that the giant tiger might get offended that you don't want his babies. even if he's handing out little tigers as part of an evil plan to populate the world with a tiger army, you would probably rather deal with an angry little feline than a giant one. but above all that, you'd probably want the mascara most of all. it fits nicely in your purse and won't take a shit in there. happy 35th anniversary maybelline!!!

Here is a collection of things said to 1/3 of Coolface by Isroel - a man with a dream.
"I want to be your friend. I've never talked to someone like you. I want to be your friend. Wait, how old are you? I want to be your boyfriend. Do you drive? I will buy you a Lexus, I am a doctor. I will buy you necklace. Can I give you my number?"

Yes, yes, and yes.
It should be noted that 1/3 of Coolface said the following in response to 'I want to be your friend.'
"Um, thanks, but I'm working right now, so...I can't really be friends."

If anyone would like Isroel's number - you know, if you're in the market for a necklace, a Lexus, or a friend, drop us a message and verify whether you want home or cell number. Coolface has both.

In an entertainment note, Coolface is extremely happy that its Top 2 picks from the start on both America's next top model and American Idol are looking pretty durn close to being Top 2 in their respective shows. Go Joanie and Danielle. Go Katharine and Elliot.
Also, a Coolface Top Ten Website (the gilded moose) recently chose us as a runner up for their Tuesday edition of Prove Your Wit. check it out here

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Ricky said...

I miss you when you don't post.