Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy First Birthday, Coolface!!!

Light the candle, y'all, approximately one year ago (give or take a day), Coolface was born. We were one of those babies that remained nameless for a little while - and we juggled many names before wonderfully stumbling upon 'Coolface'. (CF FUN FACT ALERT: Some other names considered include 'Mr. Pants' and 'Rainbow Trite'.) So, thanks to everyone who has supported us as we toddle along. you are all way cool dudes. also, thanks to those kids at Bergen County Academies for having us at their Stop Violence Against Women benefit last night. Seriously, the best guys we've worked with...we had a stellar time. And they raised a fair amount of bucks for Amnesty International. Coolface feels nice to have helped support a good cause. cheers!


Ricky said...

The best part of Coolface having a birthday is that mine is now a month away. And we really wanted to celebrate that more anyway.

Ricky said...
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