Friday, March 26, 2010

motocops on the prowl

the first morning i drove to my job, i went a little bit of a shortcut way. like most ways out of my apartment area, i had to pass over train tracks to get where i needed to go. now that the metro is running, everyone is on high alert re: not getting hit by trains while foolishly stopping on the tracks. so, i go this shortcut way, and while i'm waiting to make the two turns i need (one over the tracks), i notice to motorcycle cops just chillin'. i figure they are probably there to make sure everyone is properly minding the tracks so i make sure to be superaware of not breaking any rules. while i'm waiting for the cars to clear so i can turn, i witness each Motocop pull over a separate victim. (i would try to explain how i saw this happen, but i tried explaining it via IM to my brother and he was so confused i had to draw him a diagram a couple days later. when i went back and reread it, i confused even myself. basically, i theeenk people are getting pulled over for crowding the stop line and not leaving the tracks clear.) i made a note that the cops would probably be at this post for a few days, and to make sure to go the non-shortcut route. even though i'd still be passing by the cops. there was less of a chance of getting pulled over since i would cross the tracks at a non-guarded area.

so the next day, i do just that. and as i am passing by Motocop point, I see again that they each have a separate car pulled over. yikes on motobikes. this happens again the day after that.

today, i head to work in the morning, and while i see the cops waiting around, i don't actually see any victims snagged in this window of time. however, even though i usually go a different way home at the end of the day, i had to pass by them today so i could gas up my car. while i was waiting at a light, i saw the motocops just chillin'. their bikes were parked and they were just standing around, looking at all the traffic. then, i see a car cross the tracks to wait behind a car that was already there. bad move, i think, but maybe this dude will luck out since the cops seem to be just shootin' the shit. but then i see the cop approach the car on foot and tell him through the window that he needs to pull over. ON FOOT. he just strolled up there like he was shooting fish in a barrel. i wonder if they are getting just warnings or if they are getting ticketed for this. and i wonder how much the fine would be. because if the cops are consistently catching at least two people in the same five minute window of time that i head to work every morning, i can't even imagine how many they pull over daily.

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