Monday, March 22, 2010

the cost of procrastination

i start a new job tomorrow that will last a few weeks, so today I went through that panic mode i always default to where i feel like i have to get a lot of shit done since I a)haven't been doing anything and b) won't have free time for a while. Since I had a couple of things to do at the local walgreens, i decided to take my list of needed household items with me and stock up on supplies.

usually when I'm not working, i'll keep a list of things i need or might be needing soon. By putting it off as long as possible, in my mind I am saving money that i don't have. and then, days like today when i know i'll have a paycheck in the near future, I head out and stock up. all of this is just a really long way of saying that i just spent $90 at walgreens. and it was all stuff i kind of needed. i could've skipped the shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant, but it would be my close quarter workmates that would suffer when i realized too late that i was out. i could've forewent the economically priced three pack of Brita filters, but that's water we're talking about (and it was basically like buy 2 get 1 free when comparing prices!!). i could've left out the 8 pack of paper towels, but i ran out of paper towels about three weeks ago and it's been annoying. also it was only three dollars more to get six more rolls, and i'm a bargain hunter.

even though i went in with a list of six things to get, walking through the aisles reminded me of other items i needed. i've lived in austin for five months and just today i finally got ice cube trays. so...i'm honor of curbing my procrastination/master rationalizing habits, maybe it would be better if i spent a few dollars here and there as needed instead of having a heart attack when i have to pay for everything at once. it kind of cancels out the glory of a paycheck if you spend it before you earn it.

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