Saturday, March 27, 2010

IMing with bro: emoticons and middle fingers

me: my friend was on the office this week
bro: yeah you only mentioned that like four hundred times
me: haha
bro: im sorry four hundred and one
me: i knew you'd say that, thus the :D face
bro: how bout this face
how do i make a middle fingo
me: good one
bro: ~nlm
me: -+-
what's the tail it has?
bro: the thumb
me: who hails a cab while flippin the bird?
bro: \nlm
me: i like just nlm
thumb folded in
bro: my thumb sticks out when i flick off
do you thumb tuck
me: yes... depends on the mood.
bro: oh how dainty
me: haha
ur the dainty one
you flip off like you drink tea
bro: well my flick off is not dainty then
me: pinky out
thumb out
bro: nah my pinky stays in on both counts
oh i c
me: n^m
i feel like there's gotta be something better than the l
but maybes not
bro: haha
is double better?
me: nIIm
bro: mllnr
is right handed better?
me: it looks like you are shorthanding millionaire
bro: shthndg mllr
me: i like \nIIm

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