Wednesday, May 06, 2009

SRC: ANTM12 - Fo long!

Previously: Natalie got too bitch for her britches

Go sees! Same rules apply. Four hours, up to five designers, be on time, don't embarrass tyra. Everyone sets off to see the brazilian designers, and it basically comes down to this: Celia is old. Allison can't walk. Fo is short. Teyona and Aminat both seem well liked for their runway abilities.

teyona has three go sees and makes it to a fourth with twenty minutes remaining. Celia is already there, so Teyona wisely decides to head back. She is the first there with ten minutes to spare. Fo stupidly decides to see all five designers and ends up with only 7 minutes to make a 15 minute trip (this will sting even more later, when she finds out she booked 0 of the 5). Aminat makes it on time, as does allison (with a minute to spare.) Celia arrives at 3:31, followed several minutes later by Fo. the girls all head to a helicopter on the roof to meet some guy, but since celia and fo were late, they must watch their competitors lift off as they get blown off the roof by the wind force and into a cab. if i were on this helicopter with aminat, she would get tossed out in a second. she is SCREAMING into those headsets everyone on board has to wear. if the scream is this loud and annoying through my tv, imagine if it were funneled directly into my earhole via large headphones. winner gets a piece from each of the designers, and that prize goes to.....Teyona! hooray! the girls are all jealous nellies as teyona greedily bathes in her prize.

photo shoot on the beach with nigel as the photographer (again). aminat looks smokin'. fo falters. allison turns it out. jay throws out some vaguely technical terms. teyona gets all sand rolly. nigel says he likey. celia stumbles and nigel jumps his sexy self in and shows her how to Model. fo should refrain from using words like 'wee'.

celia's picture isn't great, but teyona's is. aminat is told she has a slammin' body and needs to use it better, like tyra's archnemesis naomi campbell. fo's picture is forrible. and she kind of looks like a monchichi. allison gets high praise from nigel and the other judges.

best picture goes to teyona, winning me points all around. allison is called second. aminat is third and we're down to oldy and shorty. imagine how it makes me feel when oldy is 25 and shorty is 5'8. basically they both need to be confident enough to make everyone forget about those "negative" things. but only one gets one more chance, and that's celia. fo forry, felicia!

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