Thursday, May 07, 2009

baby fever

has anyone else noticed how pregnant women are everywhere right now?! i don't know if it's because i work in a cookie shoppe, or because of the boom in teen pregnancy pacts or what, but everywhere i look, there's a large belly with a smaller belly button bump staring me down. and don't even mention my biological clock because i was on the train today and some baby started crying and it was one of the worst sounds that has ever met my ears. it made me reconsider procreation. then i spent the rest of the train ride in a brain rant about how babies are so selfish, coming out of the womb only knowing how to cry...and using that skill to get whatever they want, whenever they want. ugh. babies.


babymama said...

Finally, a post for me. Babies ARE selfish. But even worse than that, they're BORING. People love babies, think they're so cute, but I tell you, they're boring as hell.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, crying to get what they want. Terrible. Good thing no other group of people does that, especially when trying to get out of a traffic ticket.

Sara said...

i don't think i like what you're implying