Sunday, May 24, 2009

diner hours

i'm a big fan of the neighborhood i live in. my one complaint would be that there are not a lot of places to order food from (that i know of). i've got my standard three asian places (thai, japanese, chinese), and a pretty great pizza place. also, if i feel like going for a little bit of a walk (and if i'm in the rare mood for fast food), there's a kfc and a burger king that could satisfy those needs. but the one thing i've really wanted these past two years is a good burger. i know where i can get good burgers, but they are all a subway ride away...and i usually like to eat in the comfort of my own home, where i can forego pants.

so finally, a couple weeks ago, i see a menu for a diner at my door. aha! well, it might not be a great burger, but it will probably be a decent cheap one. i file the menu away for later experimentation. (also, side note -- it turns out this diner is just two blocks from me. i don't know if it's new, or if i'm only noticing it because now i have a menu).

so i'm in my bare fridge days. and i went straight from boxing to work today (meaning i had a fruit smoothie thing for lunch instead of real food), so i was pretty hungry when i got home. all day long, i was dreaming of what i might eat and i thought "hey! maybe i'll try a burger from that diner!" i check out the menu, and they have what they call a "mexican burger" which has cheddar, mushrooms, and avocado. in name and in ingredients, this burger was made for me. i salivate at the thought of this, and call the diner up at approximately 8pm. a lady answers the phone and i ask if i can make an order for delivery. "Oh, I'm sorry...We're closed" is the response i get. so A) why answer the phone?!? and B) now all i want is a mexican burger and i can't have it.

i flip to the front of the menu to check out their hours, and this is what it says:

Monday - Sunday
6am to Closing

i mean...what am i supposed to do with that? WHAT TIME IS CLOSING?!

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