Monday, February 23, 2009

we're getting there, heroes

heroes is one of the few shows out of many that i watch (seriously, i counted it out the other day and it's like, in the 30's) that i will actually see live (or semi-live...gotta hold out long enough to skip through the commercials). i've always loved superheroes, probably thanks to my brother, and i used to be so in awe of this show. most people lost the magic in season 2, when hiro got sent back to feudal japan for way too long, when they brought in those annoying twins, etc. but i didn't give up on the show-- i even held out from bad mouthing it at this point. but then season 3 started and i couldn't hold my tongue anymore.

it used to be that i would watch the show, enjoy it for the most part, and then think of plot holes/continuity errors/ridiculous parts only after the fact. but for season 3 everything was different. i was so pulled out of it that i would sass my tv. i'd call out the show's stupidity right to its face (meaning, i'd talk/sarcastically laugh aloud to myself). things were getting bad. but then poor pushing daisies got cancelled and there's was this great hope that bryan fuller would go back to heroes and everything would be better again.

this new volume, Fugitives (i think), has definitely shown improvement. granted, they didn't have to do too much to improve on the crap they were airing, but still... while they are still working out the kinks, though, why don't we all just talk about what still irritates us. i'll start, and then anyone else can continue in the comments.

these are mostly just from last week's episode --

1) nathan smugly walks into the scene where zeljko ivanek is bitching about something. ZI makes some comment to nathan and he responds that he was just getting his "double espresso" and then holds up a large coffee cup. uh, who would serve a double espresso in a large coffee cup?!

** side note -- the other day, somebody ordered a large americano (which is a shot of espresso and hot water, for those who don't know) and when i handed her the cup she was like "this isn't all espresso is it?" ... uh lady, if i would've filled up that whole cup with espresso, we would've been there at least half an hour, and you would have never been able to sleep again. and secondly, do you...know what you ordered?

2) i don't understand why these people keep using the future telling device to figure out their next step. if it's supposed to happen, then shouldn't everyone go about their business until it comes to pass? seriously, that power is less "read the future" and more "create the future because whatever you paint, stupid hiro is going to look at it and figure out a way to make it come true". and why do characters keep referring to past futures? (did i just blow your mind?) things have been altered, so those versions of the future shouldn't happen anymore. are they trying to say you can't ever change things, or is it just lazy writing? why did we waste all that time going to the future with the purpose of changing it, if they are still referring to it as unchanged?

3) why is Tracy such an idiot? can they kill her off and bring the third ali larter out?

4) "Can you apologize to his blood stain? It's still warm." -Nathan
What? The guy that died because tracy froze him solid and shattered him? he's the bloodstain that's still warm? did they let him thaw out, then leave the pieces alone for a while until they came up to room temperature, then heat them up with a blow dryer before cleaning it up just so nathan could say this? do you think a better line could've been "Can you apologize to his blood stain? It's frozen solid." or even "Can you apologize to his blood stain? It's the consistency of crushed ice."


Anonymous said...

"Can you apologize to his bloodstain?" Nathan then holds up a refreshing glass of cold Coca Cola...filled with suspiciously red ice cubes.

Sara said...

why aren't we writing this show?

Anonymous said...

Why aren't we writing a show in general?

ricky said...

at least mohinder is not all scabby and evil anymore.
does everyone have the regular powers they started out with now?

mommyblog said...

Aaaaaaaamen! I watch it because I've been stuck inside with the babby, but I felt ill at ease when he walked in with that double espresso in a huge cup. I think my exact thought was, "Why would they put it in a huge cup like that? What a waste! Doesn't he know there's a war on?!"

Oh, and Bill T, Aaaaaamen to the ice cubes!