Friday, February 13, 2009

effing v-day

so valentine's day is tomorrow. i bet all you happy taken people are excited that it's on a saturday. how perfect for you. i personally think valentine's day is the worst. and whenever i tell that to people, i can just see the pity in their eyes. "she hates valentine's day because she's eternally single." well save your pity because either way i don't like it. it's a made up holiday that allows people to believe it's okay to grossly makeout in public everywhere. the one day people allow themselves to be super nice to their s.o.'s. and buy unnecessary gifts. (that's another thing i wouldn't like about not being single on valentine's day---buying a gift. ugh.) i was going to link back to that awesome video i made you guys for valentine's last year, but it seems to have disappeared from the internet. like, i can't even get the site to load.

anywho, normally i can avoid valentine's day. as stated previously, i'm usually flying solo, so i don't have any of the pressure building up to it. and i just go about my business until the pink and red things disappear from all the stores. but, thanks to my current place of part-time employment and the special v-day treats, i'm constantly reminded of how much i dislike it.

i was recently verifying in my head that it's true that i dislike valentine's day regardless of my status (don't get me wrong -- i do love exchanging valentines, but that's just fun) and i thought about justin from 8th grade who got me like, a dozen roses (that i told my mom were from a secret admirer). i bought him a single fake rose from the school valentine fundraiser. i believe it put me out a whole dollar. even then i wasn't into it.

thinking about justin reminded me of all my elementary school luvs and y'all what was i doing right back then? there was robert, chris mike, freddy, and of course, brian presley. (i believe brian presley *swoon* gave me a couple of stuffed gingerbread valentine people and some jewelry on valentine's day. we were in fifth grade.) i had better relationships from K - 6 than i've had in my twenties. this leads me to my next question: am i benjamin button?

stay with me here. people are still commenting on how young i look. surprised to hear 26 when they are expecting 15. i thought this trend would have died by now, or at least people would stop thinking i'm in my teens. between my youthful looks and my early success in finding loves, how is it that i'm not going through life backwards? what if i don't have anyone like cate blanchett to make out with when i'm a toddler baby old/young person? should i go out to sea?


a*dizzle said...

don't think of it as valentine's day. think of it as your brother in law's (24th) birthday. that's what I do do do do.

benny said...

Oh man. You're life is totally like the Brad Pitt face movie.