Sunday, September 06, 2009

picture story!!!

once upon a time, i payed my gas bill. a couple weeks later, i got this in the mail:

Suspicious by the handwritten address, I hastily opened up the letter. Inside, I found the following pieces:

The letter thanked me for my recent payment, but expressed regret that they could not cash my check because of... and the (check here) that was marked was "Damaged by Post Office". Sure enough, there was what looked like my mailing nestled inside a larger US Post Office Envelope. I pulled out the contents:

and found what the gas company had received:

don't you wonder what the post office did that devoured three-quarters of my check? also, national grid is the only one of my bills that requires no postage when mailing it in, but the replacement envelope they sent DOES require postage. DAMMIT!!! i should sue the post office for 44 cents. Is that what it is these days?

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