Tuesday, September 08, 2009

the next tom selleck

do you know how our moms would always ooh and aah over tom selleck and 'oh that mustache' and 'he's so handsome' and 'mmm chest hair' about him? and like, growing up, we kind of got it, but not totally because he was old and hairy? or sean connery for the moms before that? man, i think george clooney is totally going to be that for our kids. because we all know he's so hot and dashing, but i saw some pictures of him today where he looked kind of older than he is in a couple of them (especially with that busted up hand), and i could foresee children of the future thinking "hmm, maybe i get it, but he's kind of old and silvery."


mandy said...

See, my mom was a huuuuge Paul Newman fan, and that i understand entirely. so maybe when i get all goo-goo-gaa-gaa over love-of-my-life george, my kids will say "you know, ma, he is pretty damn dreamy."

and then i'll show them "batman & robin," just to be cruel.

and then i'll send them back to boarding school.

Sara said...

yeah i was going to use paul newman as an example, but it didn't really work because i've never found him not hot.

haha. oh boarding school.