Friday, June 12, 2009

letters to the world

dear newspaper seller on the sidewalk --

i understand you are tired from sitting around all day on a sidewalk trying to sell that big stack of newspapers in front of you, but might i suggest that you not fall asleep sitting over the newspapers with a lit cigarette hanging out of your hand.


dear subway cat --

you are very cute and it breaks my heart everytime i see you wandering around my subway station. at the same time, my heart leaps when i see you, knowing you haven't been flattened by the F. you are supposed to be white and grey, but you are dirty grey and grey. please be careful out there. you are looking thin.



voronezhskaya said...

oooooh! Sbway cat breaks my heart.

The verification word is talking to me, telling me to go back to Russia. The word? Facklq. Has to do with soccer and I'll leave it at that.

fake singer said...

okay, this verification word is "nonsing"


Your blog has BY FAR the best verification words!