Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what are they feeding you

wow it's been a while since i posted anything that wasn't a recap, huh? i'll throw you this bone --

today as i was returning home from a work fakeout (don't get me started, i might start breaking things), i easily found a seat on the subway. since it was midday, there weren't too many train riders, so a girl that was sitting on the two seater perpendicular to my seat stretched out with her legs up. it should be noted that she was wearing pajamas. pajama pants, a coat, and house slippers. and because her feet were raised on the seat, THAT'S ALL I COULD SMELL. and it wasn't just foot smell, it was nasty, gaggy foot smell. how was she not aware of it? or maybe she was and she wanted everyone to suffer with her.

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smellycat said...

Hahahahahaha. Oh nasty. Maybe she's a new mom. We smell real bad.