Wednesday, April 08, 2009

SRC: ANTM12 - taking a pass

so i think i'm gonna skip last week's top model recap. in the interest of staying up to date with this show, since it's my #1 recap priority, and not falling three weeks behind like rock of love bus, i think it's the best thing to do. i watched this episode with the same friend and on the same night i watched that last rock of love episode, and i actually remembered to save the ep for later recapping. but since i'm currently enjoying my first day off after a 26 day work streak, my dvr list has piled high. instead of rewatching the ep to recap it, i'm just going to cut my losses, and refer you again to rich at four four and potes at twop.

my apologies. one day i will be back to my routine. though i'm starting to feel like my routine is actually being behind. what would i do with my life if i weren't busy catching up all the time? maybe we'll never know.

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