Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Who'd have thunk

I just found myself uttering the following words with complete sincerity:

"Oh, Christina Aguilera, how classy you are."

Who would have ever thought those words would be spoken about Miss Dirrty Herpes USA 2003/2004? But compared to today's times of cootchie spilling, she is the definition of class. especially if she goes out to the clubs, gets drunk, and shows none of her lady parts because she's wearing JEANS. you hear that girls? the paparazzi can't photograph your chonch if you are wearing JEANS. EVEN IF YOU FORGET YOUR UNDERWEAR.

ps i was in the perfume section of some store the other day and found myself in an aisle with the paris hilton fragrances on my right and the britney spears fragrances on my left. i then yelped and dashed out of there before i was riddled with stds.

1 comment:

chonchlvr6969 said...

i seldomly wear underwear when i wear jeans.

chonch is my word of the year, by the way.