Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ice is nice

If you're really into watching people fall down (who isn't?) and you live in the new york area, we highly suggest you take a trip down to the Bryant Park ice skating rink. at one point, six different people were spotted trying to pick themselves up at the same time. this activity of watching people fall is heightened if you especially enjoy when the following types of people fall:

1) Guys who think they are something special on the ice and then fall when they are doing some sort of flashy stop. and then immediately pick themselves up and try to continue living as though that didn't just happen and their girlfriends didn't just see it.

2) Older men in business suits and ice skates--especially when wearing a wacky winter hat and especially when they are completely by themselves.

3) children 6 and under

1 comment:

LeeNa said...

omg i wish i coul be there, cause where i live theres like no snow OR ice for that matter. jealous, jealous, jealous