Monday, June 05, 2006

Open Letter to God

Hey God. I think you read our Blog. Anyway God, we have to talk about this "rain" thing. I know that the trees and stuff love it, but really, I think its over kill. I mean, it comes out of no where and its all heavy and cold, and then no one leaves their apartments and when they do they get all soaked, like one of us were when they were on their bike coming back from a doctors appointment. Its a lot of rain. And it sucks.

Rain in great if you llive on a farm. But in New York City's outer burroghs and main land "island" its a bit of a blow. I mean, it blows. So please, just a little less rain, a little more candy falling from the sky. Its not cute, its not very summer-y, and it doesn't make us believe in you any more or less, it just makes us think you suck.

And don't give me that "global warming/its our own doing" crap. We will see Mr. Gore's movie REALLY SOON, we promise. (because watching a lecture on screen sounds like such a FABULOUS friday night) Just stop the rain. Just a little bit. No hurricanes either.

Especially no Hurricanes, because the Daily News told us that to evacuate from a hurricane, we should take the subway, but your little rain storm on Friday flooded all the trains, so that doesn't work.

Either stop the rain, or provide us all with floaties.



Anonymous said...

ROFL! IMHO - coolface just bought a ticket straight to hell!


Coolface said...

Coolface understands "hell" but why are you saying "Rofl, imho?" does that mean you are telling Rolf the Muppets dog that you are a ho? coolface doesn't understand the connection.

Anonymous said...

ROFL means rolling on the floor laughing and IMHO means in my humble opinion COOLFACE! learn your internet speak!

another knotch in your belt towards eternal damnation.