Monday, April 17, 2006

Where Have all the Boondocks Gone??


What the hell is up with this indefinite leave of absence shit? No new cartoons produced, AND its been replaced in the Daily News with some sad ass Opus rip-off. I sweat if Aaron McGruder is pulling a Dave Chappelle, I am so royally pissed. I mean, if I wanted to read this cartoon that was featured in my My Yahoo page this morning, I could have just picked up the frickin’ Boondocks collection book my ex-roommate gave me! Except I left it in Park Slop when I moved, so it would take a few phone calls and a subway ride, but I could do it!

Otherwise, what is the deal? Why is Aaron not making any new cartoons? Anyone know?

The last cartoons he wrote were about Grandpa on MySpace. And then Aaron conveniently disappeared. Katie Holmes, after meeting Tom Cruise, also conviently disappeared (for 16 days). My question is now: Myspace and Scientology…connection?
Hey, isn't even the my space guy called "Tom"? Weird? Doesn’t he look a little “too” happy, and welcoming? I mean, could the guy REALLY be everyone’s friends? Will he soon be offering free My Space “stress tests”, brainwashing our brains, and impregnating us? (Only women.)

I’m not pointing fingers here now, don’t go quoting me on this…infact…I forget what I am talking about.

Oh right. The Boondocks. Bring them back!

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