Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my chariot awaits

Meet my new car! Ain't she (or he) kyeut?

this baby is currently chilling in Oklahoma waiting to carry me the last leg of my NY to Austin road trip and she is sitting there without a name.

I always figured I'd probably want to name a car, but never actually thought I'd have to do it. I've never been good at naming. I was a joint contributor for beagle Ben and cat Einstein, but other animals were named by others. Beyond that, I've named a few iPods-- two of which have the same name (albeit separated by a II) and I have one name prepared for a daughter (I'm screwed beyond that).

I considered not naming it because, know it doesn't really need one...but it wouldn't be polite to get inside this lady without knowing her name first. ifyouknowwhatimean.

SO I thought I'd get someone else to name it in our first ever Car Naming Contest!!!!! Enter by submitting your suggestion in the comments (duh). Enter as many names as you want. If somebody else doesn't pick this car's name, I'll probably end up calling it Putt Putt. Whoever wins gets the first makeout with me in the backseat, (unless we are related..then i will select a different prize) but your trip to Texas is at your own expense.


Anonymous said...

My entries (aka the first step to winning the first backseat makeout resulting in my divorce thus leaving me broke from alimony and using the aformentioned backseat as my new apartment):
- pussywagon
- the slutmobile (a reflection on the dudes you'll be picking up and not you)
- the tart-cart (a reflection on the poptarts you'll be eating whilst in the car and not that you're retarded) (I assume you'll be eating poptarts in the car, cuz why woulnd't you)
- jeff
- mr. sister
- bones
- the shaggin wagon
- oscar samuelson the 2nd (there is no oscar samuelson the 1st)
- bitch
- jeff
- the sazz wagon
- armadilla killa (a reflection on what you'll be running over whilst in texas)
- jeff

ricky said...

i agree with all of bill's.

Rick G said...

Rick's list:
I didn't realize we could write a novel (ahem....Bill) so here are my official entries:
- peter petrelli (cause when someone see your new car they're gonna make that stupid look with their mouth that he does)
- the mangina
- billbo faggins (cause that's just an awesome name)
- mammal toe
- girl interrupted (cause you're never gonna make it more than a block without being asked questions about your cool new car)
- chester the molestor
- frank the tank (cause when me and bill visit we're going streaking and you're gonna have to pick us up)
- hawaiian punch (is what anyone that gives you dirty looks for having a new car is gonna get)
- lost in austin (cause you dont have a GPS yet)
- debbie does dallas
- george W. bush (cause he's not cooler than stupid)
- the pimp mobile
- jeff (I agree with bill)

Sara said...

this is gonna be so hard!

Sara said...

that's what she said