Thursday, December 11, 2008

numbers and things

i got a call on my cell phone earlier today from a number and area code i didn't recognize. i have a rule where i don't answer a call from number I don't know, so i let it go to voicemail. no message was left, which made me think it was a wrong number. I googled the area code to see where this person was calling from, and it belonged somewhere in Colorado. i know no Coloradoaieans (that's a word, right?). A couple hours later I decided to google the full number because it's rare that i get mystery calls on my cell that don't leave a message. So i insert the number into my search box (hehe, box):


and several pages pop up of the "Report this phone number" variety. Apparently it's some sort of scam and everyone's pissed because everyone's on the Do Not Call list (as am I). And it seems as though this phone call is going around, like, this week. has anyone else gotten this call?

secondly, while i'm here, can i just talk about the pick up artist for a second? i finally watched the finale. finally finale. and, like...SIMEON?! For REAL? listen, the crop this season was nothing to throw your panties at, but simeon is a MASTER PICK UP ARTIST now? He's such a creep! why were the two finalists the ones with my most hated openers? the caper one matt loves that becca pointed out. and simeon's awkwardly delivered: "Hey, what movie is this from? Nobody. puts baby in a corner." Kosmo looks positively genius next to these guys. and at least when kosmo won, there was a marked difference from beginning to end. Simeon is still a bundle of creepy energy and now his ego is inflated.

something else worth mentioning-- when the guys were doing their field test, one of them had cornered a few girls, but was hesitating on making the move to invite them to his bedroom. (The challenge was to invite a girl back to the bedroom and seduce her) Mystery, watching with his wingpeople, says "Take what's yours." TAKE WHAT'S YOURS he says! because these dorks learned some stupid game and way of talking, once they approach a group of girls, those girls are rightfully theirs. because they are men and they choose their womenfolk. it has nothing to do with what the girl wants. right?

lastly -- i'm trying to caffeine it up today since i'm barely crawling through. i had a poor excuse for coke from the fountain earlier, and i couldn't go back. when i was getting my lunch, i decided to try out the Cherry Coke Zero, because, why not. and you know what really isn't so bad. Cherry coke!! With no calories!!

oh wait, one more... Lastly for realz-- i think i might have to retire the jeans i'm wearing today to "walking around the abode" wear. i knew it was wearing thin in that dreaded thigh spot, but it wasn't until just a second ago when i realized there's a half-dollar sized window to my skin on the right leg, and another slightly smaller one on the left. if i wear these in public again, i'm going to end up pregnant. man, my pants never used to wear in that area! i used to have to retire pants when the knees got huge holes in them. and now the thigh hole seems to be happening to all my pants at once! (or at least all the pants i've had for the last four years.) i don't need this many cutoffs! unless i were a never-nude...

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Moesef said...

OMG never-nude as in Arrested Development god I thought people didn't watch that show!