Wednesday, March 08, 2006

friends don't let friends email drunk

from: sara

hey fools. i experienced the best g train timing ever! as soon as i walked down the stairs and swipe swiped my MC (that's right) the train pulled up!
and i was all smooth like, yeah, this train came just for me....and then it dawned on me as the train passed that g trains, much like mexicans and asians, are much shorter than the rest of their then i looked very unsmooth running to get the train. because i have been left by a g train before. that saw me running to it. bitch. point is, i made it home in 40 minutes! yeah!

From phaea:

no shit! short people reason. I would like to state that Sara's idea is brillant. Also, that I am drunk and alone in my new room. I unplacked almost everything and I have room under my bed for 30 male whores and a who's the biggest whale under water party. There fore I am a genuis at not owning stuff. I am currently drinking a fosters oil can.



from: becca

I would like to say that this was by the far the best email thread ever! (or whatever you call it). Ironically, I also made it home in good time! But since I drove the G train story trumps mine. Also phaea, congrats on fitting all your stuff in the storage space and being drunk....please be sure to send an evite when you have the who's the biggest whale underwater party under your bed.

From sara:

(refering to phaea's email)
maybe the most brilliant email i've ever read

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